Common Core State Standards

What Common Core Means for New Orleans & Louisiana

September 2015

Issue Brief No. 3

Common Core is at the forefront of contemporary education discussions in the United States.

In the coming years, its adoption and implementation will be critical in defining what and how American students learn. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) raise K-12 academic benchmarks, thereby requiring schools and districts to adopt new curricula and state officials to seek new student assessments. While Louisiana originally adopted Common Core, its future in the state is in question.

This brief clarifies what Common Core is, presents what it will mean for states, and discusses what its future looks like in Louisiana.

A well-educated workforce will be necessary to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy. Given New Orleans’ and Louisiana’s historically poor academic track record, higher academic expectations that are aligned to more rigorous, nationally comparable standards are needed. As new legislators take office and the Louisiana Standards Committee completes its tasks, youth and economic development should take precedence over politics.


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